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it s so niCE oF you

可以在别人为你提供帮助之后,表示感谢的时候使用 It's very nice of you 你真好

It's very nice of you to say so 很高兴你这么说 双语对照 例句: 1. It's so nice to see you, son! 见到你真是太高兴了儿子! 2. Lt's so nice to see you! 我很高兴见到你!

It's really nice of you你真好!

Bee - Still a Rose Feels like we got a thousand miles to go, buddy But any other name is still a rose Nice to know where all the same road, pretty shocks the best we could choose Either way I would find you I suppose, buddy It’...

意思是一样的 也可以you are so good或nice

应该要s,因为it's adj of sb to do是常见句型

my pleasure :不用客气,这是我的荣幸,愿意为你效劳 用于回答别人的道谢 with pleasure :当然可以,愿意效劳 用于回答别人的请求帮助

It's so nice of you for helping me in looking for a penpal.

It's so good that I want to hold it for a little longer. Therefore, ...I think it will be a nice travel of china;in other words,if you come...

spend it's nice of you to spend so much time showing me around your school. 谢谢你花那么多的时间带我参观你的学校 句型: sb spend time (in) doing sth 比较: It takes sb to do sth . ----------------------------------- 为你解答,如...


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